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Fasting is among the earliest and effective ways of burning substantial quantities of collected waste products in the body.

Previously, people used to fast by drinking water only throughout the day.

Experts state that fasting on juices, both veggie and fruit, is much gentler and helpful in stabilizing all body procedures.

Juice fasting involves consumption of juices watered down with water every hour or 2 from morning to evening.

Prevent taking strong foods or other types of liquids, particularly canned juices if you are on juice fasting.

The overall juice consumption in a day must be about 7-9 glasses.

Vitamins, minerals, carbohydrates, iron, calcium and enzymes consisted of in these juices supply much-required nutrients for the body’s own healing activity and consequently accelerating the recovery process.

While on a juice fast, make sure that your bowels are eliminated frequently.

Juice fasting is understood to have many benefits.

It is the safest approach to detox one’s body by cleansing and removing those tissues and cells, which are dead or damaged.

It minimizes the cholesterol levels; deals with signs of allergic reactions, acne, and headaches by eliminating toxic substances making one feel healthy and great.

Juice fasting can be done with nearly any fruits or vegetables that are eaten raw.

A combination of apple and carrot juice or apple and tomato juice i.e. a mix of fruit and a vegetable is a healthy and nutritious beverage.

After drawing out the juice, dilute it with water in equal parts.

Make sure that your juicer does an excellent job of extracting the juice.

Before you start your juice fasting, consult your GP in case your body does not concur with juice fasting.

In other words, special diet plan of juices of fruits and vegetables is an efficient way to restore health from diseases, cleanse and regrow tissues and renew the body.

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