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Passion Fruit Juice Recipe





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Passion fruit juice is super refreshing and pleasantly tart. This drink is similar to lemonade. It’s made by mixing fruit juice with water and sweetener.

There are many names for passion fruit. It is commonly known as passion fruit, passionfruit or passionfruit in the United States. It is also known in Hawaii as liliko’i (or lilikoi).

Brazil is the home of passion fruit. It is now grown in subtropical and tropical climates around the globe.

There are many types of passion fruit. Most passion fruit have yellow or purple skin.

Where can I buy passion fruit?

Rincon Tropics supplied the fresh passion fruits for this recipe. It is a family-owned farm that has been in operation since 1966 in Carpinteria. They are experts in subtropical fruit.

Since 1871, the family farm has been operating. You can place orders for passion fruits, avocados and cherimoya through their Instagram account.

Fresh passion fruit is available in many supermarkets. The tropical fruit section includes papaya, mango, dragonfruit and dragonfruit.

It is easy to find frozen passion fruit pulp (or purée). This frozen puree is highly recommended. Surfas has it for sale if you are in the LA/OC region.

Goya frozen passionfruit pulp is sold in most chain supermarkets. This passion fruit rose popsicle is photographed and described.

NOTE: Use frozen passion fruit puree without preservatives or other ingredients. It should contain 100% passion fruit pulp.

How to eat passion fruit

These fruits are ripe if their skin is wrinkled like the picture above. The shell of passion fruit is usually smooth upon purchase. Let the fruit cool at room temperature for at least one hour before removing it.

You want them to feel large for their size. This means that there will be more pulp in them!

Cut the fruit in half and enjoy the pulp and seeds.

To easily cut through the passionfruit skin, I recommend using a small serrated blade.

You can enjoy the pulp and seeds of passion fruit straight from the fruit. You can also bake it into sweet treats or spoon it on yogurt.

How to Make Passion Fruit Drink

Calamansi and passionfruit juice are very similar. You can drink the juices of passionfruit by themselves, but it is much better to mix them with water and some sweetener.

Let’s clarify a few key terms to avoid confusion.

Passion fruit juice is a mixed beverage that contains passion fruit puree, water and sweetener.

The liquids left over after the seeds have been strained are called passion fruit puree.

Pulp is the entire fruit, including liquids, seeds and other substances.

1. Cut off the top of the fruit. You can prevent liquids from escaping by slicing the fruit high.

2. To prevent liquids leaking out, turn the fruit upside down.

3. You can remove all the pulp and seeds with a spoon.

There are many ways to go from here. The mixture can be left as it is. To taste, add water and sugar. Done!

You can also strain the seeds. There are two ways to strain passion fruit seeds.

Strain Passion Fruit Seeds Method 1:

Use a fine mesh strainer to place over a container or bowl. The pulp-seed mixture should be passed through the strainer. To extract as much liquid as possible from the mucus surrounding the seeds, use the back of a spoon.

To avoid confusion, the strained liquids are called “passion fruit purée.”

You can save the seeds for later use. You can also throw them out. They are edible. They are extremely crunchy!

Strain Passion Fruit Seeds Method 2:

Blend the mixture in a blender. To separate the seeds’ juicy parts, process the mixture on high for 2 seconds.

Place the strained mixture in a fine mesh strainer placed over a glass. The strained liquids are called “passion fruit purée” to avoid confusion.

The broken mixture of seeds should be thrown away

Fresh Passion Fruit Juice

In a pitcher, combine passion fruit puree, filtered tap water, and sweetener. Mix well and serve over ice.

Any dissolvable sweetener works. Simple syrup is my preference.

Simple syrup is made from a simple mixture of water and sugar. It’s boiled to boiling and then cooled. This syrup can be made using granulated, brown, or turbinado (such as Sugar In The Raw).

Add passion fruit seeds to the juice for extra flavor and edible decoration.

Passion Fruit Juice

Passion fruit juice is super refreshing and pleasantly tart. This drink is similar to lemonade. It’s made by mixing fruit juice with water and sweetener.


2 cups

Prep Time:10 MINS

Total Time:10 MINUTES

Servings: 4


  • 1 1/2 cups filtered water
  • 3/4 cup passion fruit puree*
  • 1/4 cup simple syrup*

Simple Syrup

  • 1/2 cup water
  • 1/2 cup granulated Sugar


  • In a pitcher, add the filtered water, passionfruit puree, and sweetener. Mix well.

  • Serve chilled with ice. Sprinkle with passionfruit seeds. Enjoy immediately.


    *Adjust sweetness to your liking

Simple Syrup

  • In a small saucepan, add water and sugar. Set over medium heat. Cook until sugar has dissolved.

  • Turn off the heat. Allow to cool to room temperature. Place in a container or jar. Cover with a lid and keep in the refrigerator for up to two weeks.

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